AV Club Podmass Feature

We are thrilled to be featured on the AV Club! Even better, their recommendation is more than we could have hoped for. Thanks Zach!

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From the AV Club:

On The King James Virgin, hosts Adam and Alan narrate Bible stories to their friend Nick, who is hearing them for the first time. On deck this episode is the tale of Christianity’s second most important figure, Paul the Apostle, whose story arc begins with him as a tent-making scion persecuting Jesus’ followers under his Hebrew name, Saul of Tarsus. After his conversation on the famed road to Damascus, he begins a life of ministry shaded in with thriller elements, such as the time he cheated certain death by way of a basket. The tone is somewhere below reverence yet above outright dismissal, almost as if the two experts are pitching their friend a Paul biopic. Discussions of Paul’s theological legacy touch on the fascinating Muslim view of Paul as corrupter of Jesus’ message, but the show is at its most entertaining when it leaves both Biblical text and effect behind to enter the realm of folklore, where we encounter conflicting accounts of Paul’s appearance (bent legs, hot bod, pale vs. pomegranate complexion) and his whimsical, R-rated death scene. [Zach Brooke]